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We are licensee of SPRERI’s Bio-methanation Technology. A 3.5 TPD capacity wet organic waste-based bio-methanation plant is installed by us in Karamsad, Gujarat. Benefits of SPRERI’s technology:
• Good quality and higher quantity of biogas
• Require less space compared to trivial methods and has better housekeeping
• Generates good quality of manure
• Cost-effective

URJA Bio System Pvt Ltd

• SPRERI’s research work is very impressive in terms of their proper data monitoring and recording and studying the data to find out optimal output with minimal cost.
• Their Technology transfer process is very user friendly.
• SPRERI’s Director Mr Gaurav Mishra is a visioner taking personal interest along with his highly talented team in all the projects to highlight SPRERI at International level.

Warm Stream

• We are happy with the Performance of the potato wastewater-based biogas plant recommended and installed by SPERERI.
• I appreciate Dr Gaurav Mishra for his sincere and consistent efforts during our installations and thereafter.
• We wish your team good luck in giving a valuable contribution in Renewable and Waste to Energy Segment.

Goodrich Cereals

• Compared to the old traditional stoves, the dhaba size stove given by SPRERI has negligible smoke and therefore more comfortable in use.
• Consumption of wood reduced by 30-40%
• Significant time is saved as cooking is quick compared to traditional stove
• Due to fan, there is no need to blow air manually and it catches fire easily
• Due to handle and wheels, it can be easily moved to any place.
• Maintenance is less compared to traditional stoves

Vipulbhai Parmar
Kadvapura, Borsad,

• Use of Micro solar dome at house eliminated the use of kerosene lamp, chargeable torch, thus saves a lot of money
• Work at night became easy and working hours also increased.
• Children can now study at night , fear of darkness in children has decreased.
• Using micro solar dome as a light source, family can sit together and do their work happily.

Parvatiben Galabhai Damor
Anjanava, Anand,

• Earlier, I used clay stove, it used to produce a lot of smoke, causing eyes irritation and sometimes headache & coughing and blackening of walls. Also, the consumption of wood was high.
• Ever since I got the family size cook stove from SPRERI, there is no smoke and no burning sensation in eyes. The consumption of wood is reduced. The blackening of the surrounding walls is eliminated.

Lilaben Baraiya
Anjanva, Mahisagar,

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