Dr. Gaurav MishraDirector

With over 23 years of experience, Dr. Gaurav Mishra has demonstrated history of working in the renewables and environment industry. Skilled in Research, Energy Management, Sustainable Development, Biomass Energy, Solar Energy, and Renewable Energy. He has done Doctorate in Energy Science from Kyoto University, Japan. He is Expert Committee Member with various organizations like DST, BIS, etc. Prior to joining SPRERI, he worked as Head of R&D, SAR group of companies, and Director (Technical) in Solena-ABSi India Pvt Ltd. He was President and Executive body member of the Indian Scientists Association of Japan (Kyoto Chapter). His initial years were spent working in TERI as Research Associate, Associate Fellow, and Fellow.

Sr. No Name Designation
1 Mr. Bipin K. Patel Account Officer
2 Ms. Pragna B. Dave Senior PA to Director
3 Mr. Jaydipkumar B. Bhoi Senior Office Assistant (Accounts)
4 Mr. Hasmukhbhai B. Vaghela Junior Office Assistant
5 Mr. Harshadbhai R. Suthar Draftsman
6 Mr. Bhupen K. Prajapati Electrician
7 Mr. Dahyabhai M. Harijan Jr. Mechanic
8 Mr. Mahendra B Padhiyar Jr. Lab Assistant
9 Mr. Minesh N Suthar Jr. Technician
10 Mr. Ashok M. Harijan Lab. Attdt.
11 Mr. Ramesh M. Bhoi Driver
12 Mr. Rajesh S. Machhi Driver
13 Mr. Bhupendra R. Parmar Helper
14 Ms. Manjula L. Vadhel Helper
15 Mr. Ashok V Mochi Helper
16 Mr. Shailesh S. Solanki Helper
17 Mr. Mukesh G Jadav Helper
18 Mr. Ashok V. Patel Helper
19 Mr. Harman C. Parmar Helper
Er. Asim Kumar Joshi

Designation: Senior Scientist & Division In-charge
Research field: solar-biomass hybrid solutions for various applications like refrigeration, desalination, drying, cooking, power generation, thermal energy storage, nanofluids, and Photovoltaic-thermal hybrid systems

Dr. Siddharth Ramachandran

Designation: Associate Scientist
Research field: Solar Thermal Energy Applications, 4E (Energy-Exergy-Environmental-Economic) Analysis, Modelling and Optimization of Energy Systems, System Integration for Poly-generation, Stirling Engine, Solar Cold Storages.

Solar Energy Division Technical Staff


Name Designation
Er. Milan Sojitra Junior Engineer
Dr. Shyamali Sarma

Designation: Senior Scientist & In-charge
Research field: Biohydrogen, Biomethanol, Biopolymer, Algae to biodiesel and value-added products

Bio-conversion Technology Division Technical & Project Staff


Name Designation
Dr. Maku Venkata Rohith Jr. Research Fellow
Er.Vashishtha B Patel Jr. Research Fellow
Mr. Mohammed Akbardeen Jr. Research Fellow
Ms. Drishya PK Jr. Research Fellow
Mr. Alok Vishwakarma Tech. Assistant
Mrs. Aesha Patel Tech. Assistant
Dr. Geeta Kumari

Designation: Senior Scientist & Division In-charge
Research field: Biomass conversion, Thermo-chemical conversion, Renewable energy, hydrogen production, Catalyst, Waste management, Pyrolysis, Gasification, Waste to energy, Reactor design, Techno-economic analysis

Dr. Barnali Bhui

Designation: Senior Scientist
Research field: Chemical looping combustion process, waste to energy analysis, pyrolysis, gasification, metals extraction using thermal treatment methods, hydrogen production, economic analysis, energy analysis

Thermo-Chemical Conversion Technology Division Technical and project staff

Name Designation
Er. Bhavin Soni Senior Research Fellow
Er. Urvish Patel Senior Research Fellow
Dr. Amrita Doshi

Designation: Senior Scientist/ Sr. Programme Officer (Extension Division)
Research field: Fiber science, Agrowaste, Textile Chemistry, Product Development, Dyes and Finishes,  and  Computer Application in Design, Research Methodology,  Extension activities which include conducting training programs, Organising workshops and events, and transferring education and technology to local level for the benefit of society.

Technology Transfer & Extension Division Technical and project staff

Name Designation
Mr. Paresh Mer Project Assistant
Er. Minesh Suthar Jr. Technician