Consultancy, Testing & Training


Design, development, commissioning and monitoring the performance of renewable devices and systems, organizing seminars, workshops, business meets, etc.

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We provide our services for

  • Contract research on development of eco-friendly and sustainable solar energy and multidisciplinary solutions for conventional fuel replacements
  • Third party inspection of solar thermal & PV plants for subsidy claims
  • Technical guidance in drafting & evaluating bids, and selecting contractors for solar thermal and PV plants
  • Dairy wastewater treatment and energy generation
  • Bio-gas production from various solid and liquid waste, co-digestion etc.
  • Cattle dung management
  • Third party inspection of biogas plants, cookstoves, gasifiers and other RE technologies.
  • Technical guidance on setting up new or making defunct biogas plant operational
  • Surplus biomass availability assessment for specific location and management
  • Characterization and feasibility study for bio-conversion and thermo-chemical conversion of any waste/by-product material
  • Setting-up environment friendly RE technologies in rural and urban areas.
  • Third party survey, inspection and consultancy on energy saving opportunities


Performance testing of renewable devices and systems for the purpose of certification and product improvement.

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We carry out third party testing for

  • Testing, monitoring and certification of solar thermal gadgets:
    1. Solar flat plate collector
    2. Solar water heating systems
    3. Solar box cooker
    4. Solar Concentrating cooker
    5. Solar thermal storage devices
    6. Solar cold storage systems
    7. Solar dryers
    8. Solar grade reflectors
    9. Solar glazing’s
  • Solar PV gadgets like insect trap, fence, lantern, lighting system
  • Biomass cookstove – Domestic and Dhaba size
  • On-site testing of different type of biogas plants
  • Biomethane potential for various substrate like vegetable market waste, dairy waste, potato peels and wastewater, and other biodegradable Waste
  • Testing and certification of biogas plants


For users, technicians, students, teachers and researchers, fabricators, financiers and policy makers.

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Trainings are provided to graduates/post graduates students, diploma/ITI students, faculties, farmers, SHG’s, NGO etc. on the following subjects

  • Solar PV plant designing
  • Designing solar hot water plant for Domestic and industrial application
  • Testing solar hot water systems as per IS standards
  • Testing solar box cooker as per IS standards
  • Solar lantern and lighting system minor repair and maintenance
  • Sanitizer preparation
  • Cattle dung management
  • Bio-gas plant construction and maintenance
  • Solar micro dome installation and maintenance
  • Characterization techniques of biomass and its products