Forced circulation solar dryer (cabinet type)

Name of Technology Forced circulation solar dryer (cabinet type)
Application/ use For drying of agro-produce with hot air temperature up to 70 oC
Estimated Economic benefit from Technology Compared to electrical or PNG based dryer cost of drying is ~ 30 & 40 % less.
Simple payback:
Drying with solar system alone: 3.1 years;
Drying with solar -biomass hybrid system: 2.5 years
Number of users benefitted 04

Solar -biomass hybrid drying system

•       Indirect type drying – retain nutrients and color in dried product as no direct sunlight (UV) exposure
•       Forced flow of air and “direct contact with product” for faster drying
•       Suitable for drying all perishable product
•       Scalable to desired capacity based on material to be dried
•       Environment friendly green technology
•       After integration with biomass combustion or biogas fired air heater can be operated continuously for 24 hrs.
Solar Based Drying System
Solar -biomass hybrid drying system