Biomass combustor-cum-hot air generator

Name of the technology Biomass combustor-cum-hot air generator
Application/ use Hot air generation for food/vegetable processing industries

Estimated Economic benefit from Technology


₹ 2-2.5 LPA for (16 kg/h system) against sun drying by increasing the drying hours/day and number of batches in a year
Number of users benefitted 01
Special Features –          Air is indirectly heated so it can be used for drying fruits and vegetables.
–          Higher efficiency than combustion-based systems with comparatively lower emissions level.
–          Cost economic as well as environment friendly compared to other commercial combustion-based systems.
–          Can be used with solar drying system for back up and continuous operation.
–          Maximum hot air temperature can be achieved up to 130-140⁰ C so it can be used for drying in textile industries.